as sequenced by filip olszewski

title composer appearance dedication
Hamburg 1 Ann Laplantine Hamburg (album) Guillermo Ruiz de Loizaga
Muumimusiikkia 43 Sumio Shiratori Moomin (tv show)
Little My Song OrangeKantele Little My Song (internet release)
Dotyk Modus 99 Zápalek (album) Bunny Rogers
Harold's Theme Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks (tv series) Bunny Rogers
Harold's Theme (The Living Novel) Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks (tv series) Bunny Rogers
Hook Rug Dance Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks (tv series)
Into The Night Julee Cruise Floating into the Night (album)
Unknown Song (bambi slaughter) Nirvana Outcesticide IV (album)
She's Lost Control Joy Division Substance (album)
シャレード  (Charade) 高橋丈太郎 (Henry Manchini) Jotaro Takahashi (internet release)
Charade Judy Lee (Henry Manchini) Judy Lee (internet release)
Twist in My Sobriety Tanita Tikaram Ancient Heart (album) Ama Saru
Radharc Dead Can Dance Aion (album)
The Mirror Geir Bohren & Bent Aserud Is-Slottet (film)
On The Way To Unns Geir Bohren & Bent Aserud Is-Slottet (film)
A Room of Tears Geir Bohren & Bent Aserud Is-Slottet (film)
Unconditional Ramin Djawadi Prison Break (tv show) Bunny Rogers
Dziewczyna Szamana Justyna Steczkowska Dziewczyna Szamana (album)
Summer Kisses Winter Tears Elvis (Jack Lloyd, Ben Weisman, Fred Wise) Elvis By Request (album)
La Miel Del Dolor / 300 Conejos Alejandro Jodorowsky El Topo (film)
Hypno K.K. 戸高 一生 Animal Crossing: City Folk (video game)
La Flor Del Barrio John Zorn The Gift (Album)
Kleiner Finger Bohren & Der Club of Gore Geisterfaust (album)
Spectacle of Ritual Kali Malone The Sacrificial Code (album)
Night Changes West Seneca East HS Women's Chorus (1D) Night Changes (internet release) Masha Dzhambulova
So Alone Anna Blue So Alone (internet release) Benjamin Asam Kellogg
The Suffering Bel Canto Birds of Passage (album)
Aegion Silent Diane Aegion (internet release) Daniel Williams
Harp Piece I Ensemble De Organographia (Anonymus) 7th or 6th c. BC Egypt (inscription)
Pampas Universidad Nacional Mayor San Marcos Conjunto de Zampoñas (album)
If I Die Young The Band Perry The Band Perry (album)
Sex Xina Xurner Die (album)
Flower Liz Phair Girlysound tape 3 (album) Pinky Rose
Father's By The Door Algebra Suicide The Secret Like Crazy (album) Pinky Rose
Agitation Algebra Suicide The Secret Like Crazy (album) Pinky Rose
Praxis Algebra Suicide True Romance at the World's Fair (album) Pinky Rose
Rough untitled (idk) Mars Argo Rough untitled (idk) (internet release)
Yo Shit Fucked Up DJ Elmoe Bangs & Works Vol. 1 (album)
Jungle Juke Tha Pope Bangs & Works Vol. 1 (album)
Orbits DJ T-Why Bangs & Works Vol. 2 (album)
Gotta Make It Trey Songz I Gotta Make It (album) Dylan Abel
Steven Smith The Organ Grab that Gun (album) Brigid Mason
Sappy (Sad) Nirvana Outcesticide I (album)
Not Sure Night Manager /​/​/​/​/​/​/ (album)
Shadow of a Doubt Sonic Youth EVOL (album)

planned or in progress

title composer appearance
Clean Up Before She Comes Nirvana Outcesticide IV (album)
The Owl in Daylight Secret Chiefs 3 Book of Horizons (album)
Towards the Within Dead Can Dance Into the Labyrinth (album)
Shouting Out Loud The Raincoats Odyshape (album)
The Vision in the Ice Geir Bohren & Bent Aserud Is-Slottet (film)
Antes Muerta Que Sencilla Maria Isabel ¡No Me Toques Las Palmas Que Me Conozco! (album)
Selected Readings from Oak Mot, Pt. 5 Crispin Hellion Glover Big Problem ≠ The Solution (album)

so here i am. piecing together the songs that mean so much to me. note by note. intimately and sensitively. carefully.
with all these sweet instruments and a pretend 14.4k connection